There is a crochet technique that is really pretty and it looks just like a knit cloth…..but it is Not!! it is called Tunisian or Afghan stitch.

You will need a hook that is a little different from the regular crochet hook. If you click on the image below, it will give you a brief history of this type of crochet.

Tunisian Crochet Hook

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The technique is not hard, that is what they say, I have yet to try it. The Purl Bee has an excellent tutorial here. For a visual tutorial you can click here.

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This is another stitch to try when you get bored with the regular basic stitches, I need to switch up often too 🙂

So, this is all for today Monday, hoping you have a nice day and a great week, See You Soon…





  1. Tunisian is my favorite crochet technique! It is so much fun I have at least two projects in my waiting to be done pile. Online you can try Amazon or yarn.com for hooks. And I believe Knit a picks was carrying the circular Tunisian hooks. Well, they were a few months ago. Locally Hobby Lobby has them.


  2. crocheticknits says:

    Tunisian crochet can produce some amazing fabric and its always fun to try and learn new things. I did teach myself the basics a few years ago but have promptly forgotten them due to not using them since!


  3. Fascinating.


  4. I love the different patterns you can create with tunisian. The plaids are my favorite.


  5. Go for it! My mom taught me Tunisian simple stitch, and then later my mom-in-law introduced me to many more possibilities with Tunisian crochet. My favorite resource for different stitches is tuncro.blogspot.com.
    Here’s a short tutorial I wrote for Tunisian crochet:


  6. I still haven’t got round to trying Tunisian crochet (shame on me) but I love the way it looks.


  7. Funny, I just bought a Tunnisian hook the other day, but haven’t tried to use it yet. I’m going to check out the tutorial. Thank you for your great timing! 😻


  8. I’ve tried to buy one of those Tunisian crochet hooks, but can’t find them anywhere locally. I’d love to have a go!


    • Have you tried AC Moore? That’s where I bought mine. They only sold them individually. I bought a set of various hook sizes on Amazon. I’m waiting for them to be delivered. I didn’t see, or maybe wasn’t looking hard enough, any of the circular ones. How about EBay?
      I hope you find some! It does look fun!

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    • I need to check in Joann’s or Michael’s or Walmart….Fatima maybe they can order it for you? a lot of craft stores will do that, wising you all the best 🙂

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