Today I want to touch on some tips to help you crochet like a seasoned crochet artisan 🙂

The truth is we are all striving to have nice polished finished projects that looks like it was professionally done and for that you need to remember several things, please note the list will be left open so that you can add what works for you so that we all can learn from each others mistakes.

To start I want to give you some helpful pages like Annie’sCraft Yarn Council ,Red Heart … they are many more.

Okay now that we have that out-of-the-way, I want to let you know that Crochet is not hard it just takes practice and soon you will be crocheting nice projects.

Tip #1: if your piece does not lie flat, rip back immediately it will not fix itself it will only get worse: this is an important tip for me because I do not like to unravel ANYTHING :-), but as I learn more I find that it is best to keep an eye on this so I don’t have to unravel whole rows.

Tip #2: Try to keep your hook with your project, it is the best practice if you like a no stress atmosphere. The worst thing you can have is to put down your WIP (work in progress) and then cannot remember which hook you was using.

Tip #3: Try to keep the same tension as you go from row to row because if not you will notice your work doesn’t “look” right. Take for instance me, I like to crochet with a tight tension because I like thread crochet the best and that is what works for thread, but then mentally I need to adjust when I am dealing with yarn because you need a slacker tension to crochet with yarn.

Tip#4: After choosing your project you need to choose the best yarn for the project, each yarn has its own characteristics so you need to choose wisely.

Tip#5: Changing colors take a certain technique so it doesn’t look sloppy and closing a row needs to be done properly so your work looks neat.

Okay, let us stop here because if not  you won’t retain the 99 other tips 🙂

Thanks to Pinterest for first 2 pics  




  1. Tip #2 is one I really need to practice. You always think you will remember, but I’ve had to start a piece over when I just couldn’t. It is the worst thing.


  2. Great tips, I too hate ripping back and will often leave a mistake if it’s not too obvious rather than unravel rows of hard work! X

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  3. Your afghan is beautifu!

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