Crochet handkerchiefs was the rage not long ago, it spoke of refinement and elegance, and was very practical especially if you had that runny nose which would not stop.

Now kleenex tissues has taken over, while practical it is non reusable and adds tons of waste to our landfills.  Paper tissue is not as elegant as hankies especially when you have to blow your nose or wipe sweat of your face in public, don’t even remind me of the flu season and the yellow gunk.. gross…

So, for Mother’s Day which is just around the corner I want to make some of these bygones and practical and ladylike handkerchiefs for my Mom who just likes them and keep hinting to me how pretty they are. I am keeping one for myself because I am elegant like that πŸ™‚

If you want to join in the fun you will need fine thread. I may use quilting thread Image result for quilting thread or embroidery thread Image result for quilting thread Image result for quilting thread

or any thread that is readily available, next you will need a really small hook, but don’t choose one until you have your thread.

To buy handkerchiefs you may have to do it online. I couldn’t find any at the mall.  That is it for supplies.

Next comes the edgings.   Some Artisans prefer to crochet edgins and then sew unto the handkerchiefs,  I prefer to crochet unto the handkerchiefs, since I tend to simplify everything.

They are lots of edgings out there, please check out my edgings Board on Pinterest or you can design your very own edgings.

So, here are some examples for inspirations, thanks to G and P..

 Towel Edgings

Image result for crochet lace edging handkerchief 

Vintage white fine linen handkerchief Schiffly lace edge 3 Lot Vintage Hanky Handkerchief Embroidered & Crochet Edge Four Beautiful Vintage Embroidered Floral Vintage Handkerchiefs Hankies 

And for the Bride, she needs some really nice looking handkerchiefs 

So, what do you think? Pretty and Practical right?

I hope you consider making some green handkerchiefs, the sooner the better.

Have a fun and inspired day today okay? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




  1. So pretty that I don’t think I could bring myself to use them. I have to say I prefer paper tissues so the germs can be thrown straight away.


  2. I think they’re pretty too. I seen a ton of them at a store called off the rack, they were with the ties, just solid colors.

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  3. I am really fond of handkerchiefs, with or without a crochet edge.

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  4. How lovely! I’d love to have a go at edging a pillowcase – white on white. Do you know where I could source a simple pattern? P

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  5. I have on that belonged to my Great Grandma. Its tucked away in a keepsake box. I don’t think that I would ever use one but they are pretty and feminine.

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  6. They are just too pretty to blow your nose with. I was given one many years ago, bought in Venice, but just kept it as something to treasure rather than use it for its intended purpose. Nice of you to make them for your mum. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. We’re off on the road again tomorrow, so Happy Easter! πŸ™‚

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  7. Charming, although I think I would hate to actually use them. I would be thinking of all the work that went into them.
    I have a box of handkerchiefs from my grandmother – not handmade or anything really fancy – but very pretty.

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