Are you all here? do you have all your supplies ? if so, then Please board, choose any seat, relax, throw your anxiety out of the windows, think F-U-N and we will start promptly.

To start, let us chain 5 and close with a slip stitch to make our circle, next chain 3 then a DC double crochet to make your first pair of DC, then chain 2 and repeat at the end of the row you will have 5 pairs of DC separated by 3 chains, close the row with a slip stitch.

IMG_6064 Row 2: chain 6 then anchor in the space between the pair of DC, repeat. You should have 5 waves at the end of the row, then slip stitch in the same chain where you started the row.


Row 3: chain 3 then do 5 DC in the space then chain 3 and anchor in the same anchor from the previous row, repeat. To close the row anchor in the first chain.

Row 4: slip stitch into the loop and chain 3 then DC 4 for a total of 5 DC, repeat in each loop there is no chain in between these 5 DC, close with a slip stitch.

Row 5: chain 4 and anchor in the 3rd DC which is the middle DC, then chain 4 and anchor in the space between each group of DC’s, repeat. Close the row by slip stitch in the first anchor.

Row 6: chain 4 and anchor in the middle of the wave, chain 4 and repeat.
Row 7: slip stitch into the middle of the loop chain 3 and do 2 DC for a total of 3 DC chain 3 and repeat. Slip stitch to close row.


Row 8: slip stitch into the middle DC from previous row, then chain 5 then a DC in the same stitch, this will make your first “cone” then chain 2 anchor with a SC (single crochet) in the space between the 3 DC then chain 2 and repeat the sequence, check photographs for a visual.

I am adding the gallery so you can see the sequence better. Remember any questions let me know or if you spot any errors, let me know 🙂

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  1. Nice and simple. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Love this bowl. Am definitely going to have a go at this.

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