Happy Tuesday morning Artisans and Bloggers and Readers!! 

Monday morning updates are as follows: I received my luxe yarn Big Cozy this past weekend so I am working on adding more rows to my blanket, between you and me, it may end up as a throw if I don’t find a second job 🙂 wish me luck…

I am recycling an old damaged Vanity stool similar to this one 

 with my tarn yarn. This project is 99% recycled materials, but I am using new yarn too, hoping to give it a little more vibrant look.

Tarn is fine but the color is usually very faded and flat which is not very promising if you want a “vibrant look” for your project.







I want it in my Recycled Room, as a small table.  I may crochet around the legs, the scratched iron legs  are horrible looking. and won’t add to my table..I will let you know what I finally decide…

Next, I want to invite you to join me on my first Road Trip for 2015!! this Road Trip a.k.a Crochet Bowl will be leaving the train station on Monday, February 16th, please be at the gate with your supplies and your music or audio books 🙂

Supplies you are going to need: any color 100% mercerized cotton size 3 I am using this one from Aunt Lydia’s but you

Image result for crochet cotton thread size 3

can use the brand that is available to you. The hook I am using is a size 1 crochet hook  but you can use a size smaller or larger, no need to stress if you don’t have the same size hook.

You can use up your stash and use several colors, it doesn’t really matter, just make sure you keep a balanced neat look to your project. If you don’t have a lot of one color then opt to do only highlights, just my suggestion 🙂

Then please choose a small-sized bowl and glue plus starch. This time I am going to experiment with half glue and half starch to see if I can get a really nice stiff bowl.


So, these are our supplies and I believe we can finish our project in about 3 to 5 days.

The train is really nice 


So, I am very excited and I hope to see you aboard.

P.S the stitches we are using are very basic so every skill level is welcome, especially beginners, but we may have some easy techniques too 🙂






  1. I love upcycling and I love your idea of a recycled room! Looking forward to updates on this!

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  2. The stool cover looks great! Good luck with the train trip!!

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  3. Wow, a train trip this time!

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  4. I have a little vintage chair similar to that. I have not thought about recycling it, but maybe I should! 🙂 It would look so much more “up to date and hip” with some new colour and trim.

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  5. I like the idea of renovating that stool: it sounds like a fun challenge to take on board. Good luck and don’t forget to share pictures of the finished product. By the way, that train looks just fantastic! Lucky you!


  6. Good luck with your stool table!


  7. Nice stool! I’ve got a vintage stool/chair project on the go, too, at the moment. Not quite ready to blog about:)


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