I changed my mind, again. I saw a bulky soft blanket and decided then and there that my blanket was going to be soft and warm made with bulky yarn.

The yarn I was using would have given me a light blanket but I wanted a warm and cozy blanket.

So I went from this  to this 


Living Dreams Super Zippy I found online. I hope it works out great for me and because of the size I know I can have it ready in record time.

My friend Grange who likes to crochet amigurumi and that is her niche I should add, gave me an excellent yarn website, click here and I think you will like it too. The colors are all dreamy.

So, while I am waiting for my shipment to arrive, I will continue working on Big Lil Pet, she’s getting annoying, she needs to find a new home 🙂 I need to cross her off, goodness!!

I have to keep working on my goals for January, have you noticed we are almost to the middle already?

This is all for now, enjoy your day and stay yarn-busy 🙂

**thanks to google and amazon for the images**







  1. The bulky yarn looks so comfy! They are wool? Too bad we live in humid countries 😦 I would love to have them 😀


  2. Beautiful, that bulky yarn is stunning. I adore the colour. 🙂


  3. It looks like home made yarn. I’ve used that simply soft yarn before, it’s really thin, it kinda reminds my of the yarn for baby blankets.


    • it is made by small independent companies for living dreams for their “private labels” it is nice but not for my blanket. Simply soft is nice for certain blankets but not for what I have in mind… 🙂


  4. Sometimes a quick make is just what you need. Love both yhe yarn and the colour – it promises to be a fabulous blanket:)


  5. I love that second yarn you chose. It looks very soft and scrumptious.


  6. You found lots of shades in one skein. Go you.


  7. That looks soooo soft!


  8. LoL … one thing for bulky yarn is that the project works up quick! Unfortunately, they can get quite costly. Hope the blanket isn’t too heavy after it’s done!



  1. zdrowie says:


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