How is everybody doing? F A N T A S T I C !!

I am feeling good, and I hope so are you. I am just working on my mailbox cover now, everything takes longer now because my craft time has been reduced due to changes in my regular job. How I wish that I could work Crochet full time and have my regular job as a hobby. Do you feel the same??

I want to be a fulltime Crochet Artist. I feel like I am getting more creative with each new day but I cannot crochet uninterrupted, which is frustrating to my creative mind, which in turn is hindering me…..

I know you feel the same way because we all tend to think alike 🙂

Okay, enough daydreaming… let us continue getting inspiration, Practice makes Perfect…







I am saving all my burnt out night lights to create that garland, but if I don’t have patience then I will buy new and use.

So, what are you up to? did you finish or are you wrapping up?? 



  1. I just never have enough time……


  2. Love the star, it’s amazing. The string lights look fab too.


  3. Cute items! The multi-colored doilies and red/white stockings are pretty, and love the bulb garland.


  4. Finished a present. Making Chritmas cards but they aren’t crochet!


  5. With God’s Grace and Mercy I’m coming along with some Homemade Gifts. Blessings Always Everyone, Mtetar


  6. Still hard at it – more sewing now though, as it is quicker:)


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