It is always a good idea to yarnbomb anything.

Let us start with mailboxes, they get hit just as often as fences…

Mailboxes get a lot of wear and tear. I have bumped a maximum of 2 in my lifetime, it was while backing up, thank heavens, so I am still considered a safe driver 🙂

If you have time you can make several, and change them for each holiday…




I am going to attempt to do one, with a Christmas theme.

I need lots of practice in the art of amigurumi, so I have decided that I want to try one more time. I need to  get a grasp of this technique.

Amigurumi is hard for me, but with practice, I hope to at least create something that have a fleeting likeness to what I have in mind 🙂

I want to challenge you to try it, there are a lot of artists who excel in this form of crochet, I need a lengthy visit with them.

So enjoy and get inspired…Enjoy Today!! it is a gift..




  1. I love mailboxes but unfortunately we generally don’t have them in the UK, just a letterbox in the front door. Well, I don’t even have that – I have an old enamel bread bin on the doorstep with “post” written on it! Perhaps I could knit it a scarf?!


  2. Out here in rural America, USA, I’m afraid such a thing would not hold up. Our high speed curve and the plow truck that comes by would blast it right off!!!! But I DO love the effect!!!!!

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