Today as we enter the third day of our trip we are going to learn to do Lovers Knot or Solomon’s Knot click on the link for the visual tutorial.  

You want to use this stitch if you want a nice lacy look. It is very easy, you will master it in no time.

We start our circle with 5 chains and close with a slip stitch. Then chain 1 and do 10 single crochet (SC) inside the circle and slip stitch to close your row. Next row, we chain 2 and now we will do 2 double crochet (DC) in each of the single crochet from the previous row for a total of 20 DC, close with a slip stitch.

Now we are ready to start our knots, please check the video link for the visual. Do knots and anchor with a single crochet in every pair from the previous row, because my ball is small I want my knots to be small too. If you use it for a shawl then your knots can be bigger. 

So you go around the circle, you will notice you have 9 knots and the last one that makes it ten will go right into the middle of the first knot and anchor with a SC like you have done in the previous row.

Continue the same pattern, if you like you can change colors too. This row we will anchor at the bottom of the knot and at the top of the knot from the previous row, you will notice a slight frill, that is okay, in the next row we will compensate.

This row we will anchor only in the top knot, it will still be frilly but slightly less. This pattern will continue until we are close to the top then we will start decreasing, so we can cover our ball with a snug fit.

So let us stop here, we will continue tomorrow.

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  1. 😉 You are the best teacher one can hope for. Thanks.

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