Let us look into gifts made just for men. Crochet sometimes is perceived as a female craft or hobby but there are guys that like crochet too and are pretty good at it.

It is inspiring to see men working on tapestry crochet, which is extremely artistic and beautiful. 

As always I like to visit the net and in so doing I like to bring some inspiration to make gifts for the men in our my life.   I am hoping they appreciate every single gift and use every day for a year… 

Come along please?? you will enjoy the visit…







I love that the colors are very nice and serious, I found some crochet pants that are more hippy looking but I doubt your gift will be used much if you decide to go that way…

So let us start on something male today okay?? See You Soon..



  1. The gloves look good. Real men crochet…I like that!


  2. I really really really like the slippers (if that’s what you call them) 😀


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