Hello Artisans!!! this trip is going along smoothly, no accidents or mechanical failures have been reported. The weather is turning a little windy and stormy but I have a feeling we will weather it πŸ™‚

These rows are all going to be the same and we want to cover any labels on the bottle: Next we want to use the 3 DC cluster one on each side of the 2 DC from previous row and 4 chains to separate each pair, these stitches are close enough to cover any labels. Continue this pattern until your labels are covered.

Next, we need to open up our pattern again, for this you need 3 DC 4 chains and repeat in the 4 ch loop from previous row,close with a slip stitch. Next row is 3 DC cluster followed by 8 chains and repeat, don’t close row just chain 4 and anchor in each loop.

Next, we use the pattern 3 Dc – 4 ch repeat, this is easy, even beginners can follow.

Let us stop here. Just use these stitches to cover your particular bottle and tomorrow we will finish our cover.


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