Good morning!! it is a rainy Monday morning here, like the ones where you don’t want to leave your house and get wet and catch a cold and get a fender bender and etc.  🙂

I am working on the CAL, I have had to rip out hours of work because the numbers at the end of the row was off, that is tough for me, you know I don’t like to unravel but there was no way to fix it.

I am adding rows to Lil Pet, I just want to cross this WIP off already. I need to call her Big Pet from now on, she is quite large.

I want to work on the placemats and coasters and napkins, this is an all around project. I will update on these soon too.

My Extreme Crochet Project: the room sized recycled t-shirt yarn Rug is on hold for the moment but I will start work on this rug very soon.

I cannot decide on round or rectangular.  Which type of Rug do you prefer: Round or Rectangular?





  1. Or how about combining the shapes to make a half-circle/oval?
    LUV your Lil Pet and the African Flower ideas from previous post ❤ I'd wanted to comment there, but the comments were not available… strange… And thanks for popping by my blog yesterday. Your trail of "likes" has had me smiling all day 😀 ❤ ❤


  2. Oval, just to be different and because they fit beside the bed, in front of the sofa, under a breakfast nook table for two and those places where round and rectangular are just no right.
    Love, hugs and happy braiding … ME and the Boss


  3. Rectangular probably.


  4. Think it decides on the space it is to fill. Dies the room have curved or straight angular shapes?


  5. Love Lil Pet, such a pretty pattern. I vote for a round rug, a room sized one sounds like quite a mission.


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