This is the granny hexagon known as the African Flower.   I have seen 6 petals and 8 petals and I think I like them both, but I lean a little more toward the 8 petals flower.

Let my friend Google show us some examples:



I have not seen a granny square that I dislike, it is such a classic and forever chic square 🙂

Changing Subjects: I am still in WordPress Prison.  Hoping I will get released soon for good behavior.

I have no idea how I landed in here, but please check your spam folder and Un-SPAM me please… P.S. I am not the only one, but thank heavens, I have a cell to myself….

Okay, now back to my African Flower Granny hexagon/square, you can visit You Tube for the visual tutorial or you can click this link to learn how to make the 6 petals variety. You can leave it as an hexagon or make it in a square.




Enjoy your freedom and stay creative…See You Soon….







  1. I love the African Flower design, I made some recently but they were the six petal version, I will give the eight petal one a go and see how they compare.


  2. Beautiful. Those flowers are so addictive to make, and it’s fun to play around with the colours. I made an African flower hippo recently and I’m really pleased with it. Are you going to make anything with yours or are you experimenting for now?


  3. Ever so pretty. I think I prefer the 8 petal version too.


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