I know I have said it before but here it goes again… Crochet Rocks!!!!

Dolce and Gabbana sells a purse  that cost 2,324.36, made with a stitch that I can do even in my dreams, and it wouldn’t take me too long to make.

I WANT to work for D&G, I am going to apply, If I get in, I’m leaving my day job….. Sounds far-fetched? who knows for sure? we will see…

Okay so let us look at more High Fashion D&G purses…


These are basic stitches. It  would take some time to make these beautiful purses but not a lot of time.  

Dolce & G, I can be a One Woman factory if you supply me with the thread, lining, want to use in each purse.

I can even design if you want me to… Call Me Okay??

Well let me leave this here, I will update as soon as D&G calls me…

Have a Great Day and Dream Big!! See You Soon Artisans… 🙂



  1. Cool hand bag collection! I love it. Bye. Kamila


  2. I like the way you think !


  3. These purses are wonderful! When you enjoy a craft and have a passion for it, like you do, then it is so worthwhile to spend as much time as possible creating items. I hope you get that call! 🙂 ~ Vickie


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