You know by now that I enjoy Extreme Crochet but i need to clarify, I like extreme Macro crochet. I like BIG, I find it comes easy to me, but there is a Vietnamese family that I came across yesterday that enjoys Micro extreme crochet.

I want to present to you Su Ami and  they are extremely Extreme Crochet Artists, here are some of their designs:

Extreme Tiny Elephants - Micro Mini Amigurumi Crochet Miniature Animals - Set of Two Elephants Dad and Son - Made To OrderThree Micro Mini Owls - Tiny Amigurumi Crochet Miniature Owl Plush - Made To OrderMiniature Dachshund Sausage Dog - Teeny Tiny Dollhouse Crochet Pet - Made To Order

they have an Etsy Shop too. Aren’t you impressed? I am,  big time. I don’t think I could ever manage this, the details, WOW!!!

So let us get back to more normal crochet 🙂 yesterday I stated that I wanted to organize another Road Trip, but when I hit the published button one whole paragraph was wiped out.

I am planning a 2 to 3 weeks Road Trip. This will be a Doily Trip, I want to combine the Bullion Stitch, Bruges Lace and maybe other stitches and techniques.  I am trying to keep my New Year Resolution.

Thankfully we have all that we will need: size 10 crochet thread any color and if you have several different colors then it is all good, your favorite crochet hook and you are good to go.

The Bullion Stitch is considered and advanced stitch so it will take some practice but if you use a little plastic casing it is much easier, more on this later.

Well this is all for Tuesday Morning, I hope you have a really beautiful and fantastic day!!! See You Soon…





  1. I wish I had the hands or eyes that could handle doing such small detail crochet – Beautiful!!!


  2. I LOVE micromugrumi! squeeeeeeeee!!!!!


  3. They are so tiny! How does one crochet that? Beautiful work 😀


  4. Yeah! Su Ami rocks! 🙂


  5. I am another fan now, just visited their etsy shop and was in total awe, beautiful stuff and sooooo cute 🙂


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