TGIF 3/14

How is it going? FANTASTIC?! Yes!!!   wow,  that was fast, but it is Friday, so I kind of expected that answer and the energy that came with it 🙂

Around here I can tell you my frog is still a work in progress.  I had no idea he would be such a pain,  so I am officially naming him Paine the Frog, his legs are a nightmare too,  but I am working on him one stitch at a time and I am hoping he will resemble a frog in the end.

Bruges Laces is still a work in progress, everything is taking so long to complete it is not funny, I need to pick up speed soon.

Yesterday I gave you the name of two bloggers who are writers and I need to add tanaramccauley she is a writer, and she loves her family and she blogs about her faith in God. I always leave inspired when I visit with her.

Robert and his blog 101 Books is a blog you want to visit if you enjoy an entertaining discussion of Times Magazine 101 books to read. It is like a book club in a sense, but he does the hard part: he reads the books and then let you know what he thinks of each one.

I like his blog because you really do not have to read a long bad book (which is really boring to me) because he will tell you what it is all about (which is really interesting to me) and then you can decide if you really want to read that book.

google images.. Have a Great Rest Of The Day!!! and relax….



  1. 🙂 They are!


  2. I love the book/journal covers, they’re cute! I’ll check the bloggers out, coming from you, I know they’re cool! 🙂


  3. Oh I like those book covers. Ever so cute.


  4. The book/journal covers are wonderful!!! I have learned so much from your posts!!!!! Happy weekend!!!!! Hugs………………..


  5. jamieaaron03 says:

    I was thinking about making some kind of book cover with the square I knitted out of embroidery thread.


  6. Slow and steady is the way…..


  7. Neat teddy bear notebook cover, you do work fast. I imagine your fingers twinkling away as you churn out crochet art work.


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