I think I have answered All of the comments, so now I am free to post again 🙂  P.S long days are here again and that means Daily Nature Walks.  Isn’t nature breathtakingly beautiful?

Thanks for all who have entered my Terrific Two’s giveaway and for those who haven’t entered yet: Please  HURRY UP!! time is ticking down..

So let us get back to highlighting fabulous Blogs: let us start out with the Famous Writers:

J.G  and her blog Map of Time . She has been my bloggy friend and Facebook friend for a very long time. She loves History and that makes her my twin. She loves every thing Titanic and she crochets too.

Seyi sandra can write poetry and novels.  Her blog is very inspiring, and she is an accomplished writer. When I read her work it is like I am in the story, and some stories are REAL not candy coated.

I need to stop here but I will return with more of my FAB Writers….




  1. You are very welcome JG 🙂


  2. Patricia, you are too kind! Thank you for the mention, I’m honored to be counted among your friends. 🙂


  3. Love that fox x


  4. That fox is so cute 🙂


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