Next comes Gallivanta and her blog Silkannthreades, she has a gift of bringing you into her world.

I have had afternoon tea with her many times (thank you cyberspace) and we discuss the news drinking  tea and eating cake.  I enjoy her company immensely. Thank You Gallivanta!!!


Next is mtetar she is an Encourager a major one. She loves her granddaughter and she is the best Nanny granny I know.

She sews and crochets and makes crafts from recycled items and her blog is full of tips. And I am blessed with all the blessings she sends me all the time. Thank You Mtetar!!!


Next is Pia and her blog is stitches’n’scraps she can knit and crochet and is good at many more crafts. Any time she sends me a link It is just what I needed.

She has a Tea Cozzy Tuesday which is really nice, I need to see if I can join her, at least once a month for tea. And her blog is packed with tutorials for so many crafts. Thank You Pia!!!

Fairy Cake Tea Cozy by Frankie Brown  Enjoy your  visit!!!


  1. I love your work is wonderful. Don’t stop been creative.


  2. Daniellajoe! I nearly fell off my computer chair when I saw this. Aren’t you just so lovely to introduce me to your friends? Thank you 🙂 I hope you will enjoy the goodies in my next post…when I get to write it!!!!! I have some delicious treats in mind. Bring the ‘frog’ along if he is ready!


  3. Mary is, truly, an encourager!!!! I’m so glad to see her on your beautiful list of friends!!!!!!


  4. such a great idea, you’re introducing me to lots of bloggers i’d never heard of. And anyone who’s a friend of yours….. you know the rest 🙂


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