I hope you have caught up with all your other projects and you are working on your angel.

I did one row of the crocodile stitch and it is pretty but because we are working in a circle and clockwise the scales are up not down, not what I expected, but I am going ahead and change the pattern.

If you decide to go ahead with the crocodile stitch you need to work counter-clockwise, which is not easy. I am changing to the fan stitch ( 2 DC – 1 ch – 2 DC) for 2 rows of the skirt length and then use TC and DTC for the rest of the squirt.

Then I want to do 2 or 3 rows of the crocodile stitch.

So as always I want to give you the last word, I am only suggesting 🙂 so here is what I have:12132013 004

and to finish faster I am again going to use a taller stitch, so 2 rows DC, 1 row TC and 1 row DTC and now it looks like this:12132013 005

so I am going to do all the rest of the rows with the double treble DTC, what do you think??

Well this is all for now. I am hoping we can finish by Monday.

Please enjoy your weekend, See You Soon…


  1. Hello Daniellajoe,
    Your angel looks like it will be beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    You’ve inspired me to work on a runner I began over a year ago and I haven’t completed it yet. Hmm..I should go and see where I put it.

    Thank you for your visit to Leisure Lane. It was a joy to see you there.



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