Welcome aboard, Artisans. Take your seat and we will start promptly.

Take out your #10 crochet thread and hook size between #3 and #5 

You will start by making 5 chains, it should look like this:12112013 002

then close with a slip stitch to form a circle:

12112013 003

then chain 2 and make 9 double crochet (DC) this will make a total of 10 DC because the first 2 chains count as one DC, close with a slip stitch. This is your first row or round.

12112013 004

Row 2: chain 2 and a DC for your first pair, so you have 2 DC in each space. Repeat that 9 times. You should have a total of 20 DC, close with a slipstitch, it should look like this:12112013 005 Row 3: chain 2 and DC in each space for a total of 20 DC, it will start to curve, then slip stitch to close row:

12112013 006

Row 4: this row has single crochet SC and slip stitch SL, so you SC in a space ,  SL, and repeat. until you reach the end of the row. Close with a SL.

Row 5: this row will introduce the double crochet cluster DCC, so each space should have a DCC for a total of 20 at the end of the row, close with a slip stitch.

12112013 007

Row 6: this row we will repeat row 5 with a twist: the cluster is a treble stitch TCC, 3 of them in each space. You have two loops on the needle (please visit you tube), this will give a taller cluster. So at the end of this row it should look like this:

12112013 010

This is all for the first day. Tomorrow we are going to use a taller stitch, so practice the double treble crochet stitch DT, click this link See You Soon…


  1. Love your use of crochet for everyday items. Have a wonderful holiday.


  2. Is the bottle crucial;)



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