My Little Junior Handmade Lace Tablecloth was a Crochet Along that  started on September 30, 2012  and ended several months later on Row 77,  I left it undone so that you could continue row after additional row  until it fitted  your table.

This CAL gave me the chance to design a Pineapple stitch tablecloth and to hopefully let you see how I do it. The written part was difficult for me.

The lessons I learned on this adventure: 100% cotton is not all the same, I prefer to  work  with10282013 021 

than with Aunt Lydia’s 100% mercerized cotton, I think Red Heart thread glides off the hook easier than Aunt Lydia’s.

Aunt Lydia’s thread to me  has more resistance, and  I needed more muscle strength to crochet.

The tension I had used was different, especially when I had not crochet for a while,  so for a long project I need to try to maintain the same tension I  used on the  other stitches.

That may mean to rip and redo when the new stitches does not look like the others.

My Pet Peeves will always be: the hook sometimes got “lost” . Keep the hook with your work so you don’t have to guess which hook goes with which project. Mistakes are a part of life but it is especially annoying when you notice it 3 rows out, so please just go over a row and check for errors before starting a new row.

Well this is it for now, hoping you have a great day today!!!


  1. Bravo!


  2. Stunning. Glad that so many of your ‘lessons’ are easy to change;)


  3. Ah, yes, the lessons we learn as we go along and not just with crochet 😉


  4. It really is amazing, a real labour of love 🙂 You must have such a sense of achievement right now 🙂


  5. That’s spectacular!


  6. Thanks for the lessons on the thread type and hook Pat. Blessings, Mtetar


  7. A great project. Amazing patience to get to the end. I know what you mean about different cottons, tension and using the right hook!


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