How is it going??  I hope it is smooth sailing for you, my sailing is a little rough at the moment.

I need to make tarn by hand and finish two cushions that are almost done, that will leave only one to go, check them out 10042013 001the one on the left is the finished one,  the one at the top right is missing few more rows of yarn and the bottom cushion is ready for the tarn yarn. I am a little happy 🙂

Little Pet and Junior (my two tablecloths) are still unfinished, I have not touched them in a long time and I have no idea how I am going to do it,  but their last chapter is coming up soon…

I told you about Twitter yesterday and I am awaiting word from my tarn supplier 🙂 hopefully I will get it soon to wrap up my RC Sofa, RC stands for recycled. I am hopeful that I will meet my deadline…

I am going to relax here, please come along..stumble..

forest house 7 Top 10 Most Beautiful Forest Houses

forest house 2 Top 10 Most Beautiful Forest Houses


  1. is that house made of chocolate? it looked so inviting 😀


  2. Looks gorgeous and room for mates!


  3. knock knock…knock knock…open the door I wanna come in!


  4. oooh that looks absolutely idyllic…I wanna go to there! 🙂


  5. Bit too Hansel and Gretel for me – see you next friday


  6. jamieaaron03 says:

    nice 🙂


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