I am back and ready to go, how about you?

Well today I want to highlight crochet edgings.  Crochet edgings can transform a regular looking towel or pillow case (or anything really) into a more elegant alter ego.

Let us see some examples, I found them on google or Pinterest….


lace edgings crochetcute crochet edging

Maybe we can have a tutorial soon….

Have a great day today and enjoy Autumn weather… See You Soon….


  1. those are very pretty! If you’re doing tutorials, I vote for any edging that is worked along the short side…so you don’t have to set the length up front, you can just keep going till it gets to the length you want. It’s good to see you posting again – where’d you go?


  2. I love edging too. I have purchased an edging hook and hopefully will edge a few thing with it.
    I love choosing (and occasionally making up) an edging pattern for a rug. 🙂


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