What in the world is tarn? Tarn is yarn made from T-shirts.

So I like working with tarn and I have used it to finish one of my set of pillows. It works up fast, depending on the thickness you cut your tarn. Take a look: 09242013 018 I can use my pillow on the tarn side or on the granny side, 09242013 020  

 Have you ever used tarn? if not you may like it too. On You Tube they have great tutorials.     09242013 00809242013 009

This is all for now, hoping you are finishing up those WIPs….



  1. A new yarn I didn’t know about. Nice post …


  2. Yippee a new word! I use quite a lot of ‘plarn’ but I haven’t done any ‘tarn’ projects – although I did do a ‘scarn’* project recently which was partly inspired by a ‘tarn’ blog. I made yarn out of some old head scarves so I suppose I could call it scarn 😉


  3. jamieaaron03 says:

    My problem with it is when you wash it, it unravels to easy, I’m working on a solution to it tho


  4. Tarn is showing up everywhere and is such a marvelous “green” way to go! The pillow is so sweet. There are so many uses for those t-shirt strips!!!!!


  5. It’s looking good. Did you buy the tarn or cut it up yourself?


  6. tarn is brilliant, i bought a fat roll yesterday at the market and whipped up some bracelets 🙂


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