Well I finally made it back to Blogosphere, I took the fastest train back, How is everybody doing???

I promised new stitches but I couldn’t deliver, but maybe next week. The best thing about learning new stitches is that there is no pressure,  you learn at your own pace and we can have our own sampler like the Artisans of old:

Written instructions in our own crochet language is always best, that way we will remember how to do it, even 10 years from today.

I  have not made  one of these  sampler but I would like to start one some day.

Crochet is here to stay, and I know it is not for everybody, but I assure you it is not as hard as it looks, especially the basic stitches.

There are some stitches that are harder  to master, like take for instance, my nemesis

The Bullion Stitch, but I am still going to master it… It is a hard stitch but with practice I know I can get to the level of these Artisans in the  photographs (courtesy of google) they look perfect, right?

So this is all for now, I hope we can inspire more people to try Crochet, it really is not as hard as it seems 🙂

Stay Inspired…. See You Soon….Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!!




  1. Wow! I’ve never done the bullion stitch, but it really looks beautiful. And I love those delightful crochet example swatches on the material book.

    Blessings for mastering and creating,



  2. I love the sample book. Would love to own one!


  3. Isn’t the sampler lovely!


  4. I have been thinking of doing just this. Because I live in Egypt and it is difficult to buy books on crochet, and expensive to buy them on kindle, which is not the same as having a book, I have been slowly trying to get my patterns onto paper so i can create my own book!!! A labour of love, for sure. But the sample book above is even better!!


  5. How lovely is the sample book. My nemisis used to be crochet rib. Probably because I worked full time and ran a house and didn’t have time to sit down and go through it bit by bit. Hanging from a tram strap in peak hour is not the best way to learn new skills.I have it now and I know you will master the Bullion Stitch too! 🙂


  6. found a little trick for bullion stitch – make the loops a little bigger by wrapping the yarn around the hook AND a knitting needle at the same time 🙂


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