Hello?? How is it going??? are you keeping up? Yes?? good!!!!

We are winding down, already, it is such a joy to work with chunky yarns 🙂

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After you finish with the heels you need to crochet it shut with slip stitches, please watch video. I used SC for the heels and to bring our sock slippers up to our ankles.

Next we are introducing another easy stitch, maybe the puff stitch? or just plain double crochet? which one would you like to use?

Tips: I used a small hook to slip stitch the heel, it was not a nice experience with my P hook, that hook cannot do small jobs. You need to cut the yarn and please leave a long tail so you can really weave it in, (you can sew it in if you want), but whatever you do please do a good job so that it won’t unravel with every day use.

I believe we can put the finishing touches on Monday, NOT!!!! P.S this is a long weekend for us, The Labor Day Weekend…. 

This is all for now. Enjoy your weekend and be blessed!!! See You Soon…



  1. Forgot to mention that I like the puff stich, it will give fluffy texture to the sock. The puff stitch is similar to the bobble stich I’m crocheting for my baby blanket and it just looks great.


  2. Yuppi! managed the first sock (so far). Thanks Daniellajoe for the instructions and for this great CAL. Enjoy your holiday!


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