Our Road Trip have entered the countdown phase, final preparations must be completed.

We have our knitting needle and our crochet hook and our thread and/or yarn.

The pattern will emerge while on the road and you are welcomed to ad lib.

Before I forget, due to differences in yarn the measurements will vary for the base stitches. Please read past post to get the correct measurement in Inches.

To start the collar you need to crochet by a multiple of 5, your tension and the thread you choose will influence the length of the collar, so be sure to measure in inches your collar, after you crochet, more on that later.

Have an artsy productive day today Artisans!!!

Practice Collars: 014




  1. lovely and beautiful!!!!


  2. Gorgeous…have I missed the patterns? Not sure if you have shared them or not. 🙂


  3. Looking good!


  4. Loving them!!


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