Welcome back artisans!!

I have a feeling you had a very nice happy weekend and you are ready for the final preparations for our Collar CAL a.k.a The Road Trip.

The practice collar has taught me several things: the size of the loop is important for the “lace effect”. My loops were too small and it did not meet the “Lacey” effect I had in mind, I want my lace more open.

The other thing is the yarn, bamboo yarn is nice but thicker than lets say a size 10 classic cotton that J.G. used for her collar. Picture in your mind which collar you want and then buy your yarn.

Next we are going to need a long knitting needle for the broomstick stitch, and the crochet hook. Practice with your hook, and choose the size that you feel more comfortable working with and that won’t have you fighting with the yarn…



See you soon…




  1. I found the same things which is reassuring.:)


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