I found baby jumbo and I cannot remember his size, I will leave that for your homework.06252013 001You can use any other hook though, as long as it is not really too large for a broomstick lace collar.

I am still working on the Russian tutorial, and will post soon.

06252013 002

I couldn’t let good alone, I had to rip and starch. Now my mandalas are looking like its original intent. I know you told me it was okay but trust me it didn’t look okay to me.

Our trip preparation is looking good, we may be able to announce a date very soon…

Have a dandy Super Tuesday!!!! See you soon…


  1. i don’t know how it’s supposed to look like but this is something i would buy πŸ˜€


  2. Your mandalas are looking great! I’m guessing that hook is a size, “P”?


  3. Excellent!!!!! Sometimes “ok” just isn’t quite good enough!! LOl!


  4. So patriotic looking, perfect for the fourth coming up☺


  5. Yes, they do look good.


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