I found a stitch I believe will complement the broomstick stitch. I found it at a Russian website, it is all in Russian so we got to wing it.

We will try to learn it visually. I will try to decipher it, and if I do I will post the tutorial.

 (374x491, 83Kb)the address is on the photo so feel free to visit, they are very talented artists.

I will get a tutorial going if I decipher it, more to come…


 (640x540, 50Kb)

 (640x561, 42Kb)

 (640x437, 33Kb)

 (640x538, 38Kb)

 (640x389, 20Kb)

 (640x309, 18Kb)


  1. Loving this! Keep the new stitc h ideas coming x x


  2. Gorgeous stitch. Look forward to the tutorial πŸ™‚


  3. The Russians have some amazing patterns. Perhaps you could find a Russian speaker. I work with someone who is and his wife is Russian. Do you want me to ask for a translation?


  4. Like this.


  5. I love this stitch and will be keeping my eyes out for a tutorial!!


  6. Very effective!

    Can you add your blog to bloglovin? I prefer to read all blogs there and it’s really cool. Benefits for you may be more followers as You can list it under arts and crafts and people will search the blog πŸ˜€



  7. What a cute stitch this isβ™₯


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