I was cutting corners and not paying attention to detail, trying to go a mile a minute.

It is not a good idea, may I repeat? It is not a good idea.

When it comes to crochet, it makes no sense to be speeding and not paying attention to your work. You will crash, which for us artisans it really translates to a bad word: frogging or unraveling.

I am not going to point it out to you but I know you will spot it. So I need to start over. I wasted  precious time, and I am not a happy camper, sorry I like a little drama every now and again.

Crochet is a “game” of numbers and counting and repeating cycles, if you don’t like to do these things then maybe crochet is not your “game”, and another thing,  people who like to crochet, usually are perfectionist, maybe  not in all areas of  their life but most definitely when it comes to their ART.

Well let me stop right here, no need to go on and on. 

Do you agree with paragraph N0. 5? If your answer is yes, would you mind letting me know why you agree with me?? 

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  1. I just love to crochet, but my arthritic hands have put a stop to that now… I can’t count the number of counterpanes, rugs, throws shawls, baby shawls , even jumpers I’ve crocheted…
    so I will just have to enjoy your blog instead…


  2. Hmm… didn’t think I was a perfectionist about my crochet, but I do like it to look good, so maybe I am (frogging queen!). Not sure about the mathematics, but then I find maths fun, so I might not have noticed… I am seriously OCD about other crafty stuff! Love the couch, btw 🙂


  3. I agree 100%! We have toi go “even Kiel” all along and not obsess. I feel our “mood’ gets translated in our tension. Having all that stress with my dead grandchild I noticed how “crappy” I design and crochet. I need more patterns in my shop, but at the rate I am going I just mess up. Now i have determine to read my Bible before I start anything more. That sets me in a better frame of mind and the last 2 days it worked pretty good.
    Be blesses. Your work DOES look good to me.


  4. My mum was a wonderful crochetter and knitter but she did make mistakes and because I am always looking for patterns in things I used to notice and maybe ask her why one motif was different to the others but I learnt that this was not good.

    I am a perfectionist but I am trying to curb it because after all life is not perfect and some mistakes notice more than others.


    • lol it must have been hard on your Mom, you really have sharp eyes Jane 🙂 I try hard to relax when it comes to mistakes but it IS annoying to discover a mistake 2 rounds over… lol not….


  5. When I make a mistake I can’t sleep until I have not only pulled it out, but corrected it and got back to where I started in the first place!
    Parcel is on its way!!!!


  6. Ah, yes, I see it. You have a bit of frogging to do, the Ultimate Spanking, in the yarn world.
    I agree, 187%, with your paragraph. We are artisans. We’re not starving for our art (well, there have been those times when we have skimped on household budget items to buy more yarn) but we are artisans, and we do have our drama. Our drama usually involves looking at a finished piece, seeing the mistake, and obsessing over it until we finally surrender, and start tearing out the piece until we fix the boo-boo, no mater how small it is. It’s like a small schmotz on the side of a fine, fine car. It’s small, but it’s THERE…and it must be removed, lest the fine lines of the vehicle (or the crocheted piece) be forever altered.

    So, you’re ripping around a corner like an Evelyn Wood graduate, and wipe out, because you really do have to mind your speed with crochet, and now you have to frog. Now is the time to scream your frustration out to the universe, and then…breathe…start unraveling. It’s okay. We have, all of us, had to frog.

    We are perfectionists, all of us. Some seasoned crocheters are downright OCD with their level of perfectionism. Perfectionism on the part of the artist is an integral part of the craft, as is a basic level of Math. I call it, “Yarn Math.” It’s usually pretty basic…a simple single crochet circle starts with a round of 6 stitches, then onward to the second round, which translates to 6 initial stitches X round 2, = 12 stitches in round 2..Round 3 = 6X3 =18…and so on, Crochet is color and texture, emotion and perfectionist intellect, pride and joy, and endless counting, counting, counting. I agree, again, that if you’re not ready to embrace the Math, you might not be happy with crochet or knitting.

    The couch, despite (or maybe because of?) the boo-boo, is coming along just beautifully! That will be a true sculpture when it’s finished. I do hope you get some good pictures to frame!

    I see that you’re heading for the arms of the couch. Will you also be doing the upholstery around the front, back…the frame? I imagine you’re planning to yarn bomb the entire piece. Keep up the amazing work!!!

    I’m so sorry you have to go through the frustrating part of the craft, the unraveling. Sometimes, I think that frogging is almost as inevitable as the Math. In the end, you’ll feel better about it, feel proud that the mistake has been fixed. You’ll be happier with the piece, and there lies the root. Crochet has to eventually make you happy!
    Wendy (with apologies for the rambling ;-))


  7. Aarrrrrghhhh! Unraveling! I hate unraveling mostly because my knitting doesn’t usually unravel nicely so I end up doing a “slash and burn” sort of thing.


  8. that’s one amazing couch coming up, going to be A HIT ❤
    I'm not a perfectionist. I like to try and get things right, obviously, but life is too short to worry about each and every stitch (for me). And sometimes getting things wrong makes it more interesting…heh
    Have a good week, 🙂


    • i try not to go to the extreme (OCD) but it bothers me when 2 pieces does not look exactly alike because of my tension or because i am not counting, to me it is really frustrating, and thanks about the couch 🙂


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