It is always rewarding to work hard, but it is also rewarding to have a downtime, a “No Work Zone” area carved out in our lives. This time is necessary if we are going to be productive. 

The weather outside is breathtaking and cool, so we need to breathe in  the fresh air and enjoy nature. 

We need to clear or minds of all the clutter that seems to build up from monday through friday, so that is why Friday reigns supreme for me.

We are right where we want to be with Little Junior and he is looking gorgeous, but we need to put him down and head outside, nature awaits you…Enjoy!!!

Enjoy these 2 days off and I hope you show up on Monday morning refreshed and ready to tackle the last few rows..

See You Soon Fellow Artisans…

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  1. Enjoy your weekend, hope your batteries get fully charged 🙂


  2. Have a Blessed Weekend! It is snowing on my side of town. Thanks for sharing, Mtetar


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