ROW 55

Row 55 will bring us minor changes.  We are going to have 10 chains instead of 12 chains by the massive pineapple and we are adding one extra chain by the small fans. This  is smooth sailing for us, a little wind but just enough to keep us moving along.  Our massive pineapple is still growing.

01282013 00501282013 006

01282013 00701282013 008

Nutshell: 16 dc – 10 ch – small fan – 2 ch – 3 dc – 2 ch – small fan – 16 ch – small fan – 2 ch – 3 dc – 2 ch – small fan – 10 ch and repeat.


  1. Can’t wait for the finished project. It is looking great as is. Thanks for sharing. Mtetar


  2. As your pattern checker 😀 shouldn’t there be a something after the 16 in the middle. I would say 16ch from the look of it. It’s coming on great. You have so much patience.


  3. It is nothing short of a miracle, what you’re doing with this piece! That you are reproducing this from a photograph just blows me away!


  4. It’s coming along nicely! 😀


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