It is time for an update on the Big Bag. First I want you to watch this video:

It is one of many tutorials on the subject and I just love the way this purse looks. So I took the basics and modified it and got this cute flower:

01152013 00301152013 002

 I want to make several more to add to my Big Bag, but you can take a tiny glimpse:

01152013 00401152013 00101152013 003

The height is about right so it is countdown time….

Changing subjects, I have had a change of heart with my napkins, I want to add more work so it can look even more expensive, sometimes I don’t know when to say “it is finished” so you will be seeing the new and improved napkin in a little.

Wendy has a very creative felted soap that I believe could become the new prototype of artisan made soap and she has told me she will be donating one for my next giveaway, that is so nice, thanks Wendy!!!

If you take a look at the Blog of the Year award you will notice I have 3 stars now 🙂 that is because Jane has sent me another one, so I will be sending out more awards very soon, I am so excited, thanks Jane!!

Well this is all for now, Have a restful night and See You Soon…




  1. WOW! congrats for the awards and for the bag, very very nice 🙂


  2. Very nice as always. I love bags, and this one is sure to be one of mine collections. Nice colors too. If you haven’t yet, view my award category for your nomination. Be Blessed, Mtetar


  3. jamieaaron03 says:

    I love that idea, I’m going to have to brain storm on how to use on something soon


  4. loving the colours you are using. x


  5. Congratulations on the extra stars! and the flower is very clever.


  6. I love the look of this! It’s a little “punk,” a little “junk,” and a whole lot delightful and fun!!!
    Let me know when you’re ready for that soap, and I’ll send you a really GOOD one!


  7. I have Big Bag envy!!! You are SO clever 🙂


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