Yesterday was productive for me. I added more to my giveaway goodies and worked on two dishcloth for Christmas.

I want to have two prizes, one for everyone who participates and another  for my faithful readers, who are some of the nicest people I know.

Here is the entire collection 🙂

Maybe I can squeeze out a third prize from these, that way we can spread the joy around. Maybe two prizes for my faithful readers, what do you think???

I hope you will  visit often and be ready to win.  You can be the lucky winner!!!

Well this will be all for now fellow artisans, hope you have a productive day today,  finishing your handmade gifts,  See You Soon…


  1. These are very generous gifts. The yarns are so pretty and everything is so bright and fun!

    God bless…


  2. Been crocheting a little angel for a friend’s tree – with a tiny 1mm crochet hook! Enjoying reading your blog, and watching the progress of various items.


  3. That bag is coming along nicely. I hope it won’t be very heavy for me to carry, lol. Thank you for sharing, and being generous. Best, Mtetar


  4. I know it’s two prizes but that is still a lovely lot of things: so generous!


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