Frosty needs a new wardrobe.

My son made Frosty when he was in the fourth grade.  When he brought him home,  I thought it was the most creative and beautiful snowman I had ever seen. Yes,  I’m being partial here,  but isn’t he cute?   and by the way, I think you should know…… I say that about everything he does… 🙂

Last year he had a new hat and scarf (check out the photo) and this year I feel he needs another makeover, he is looking so, so…. last season??, doesn’t he need an updated and more chic look??


I am thinking of ways to bring Frosty up to my 2012 standard, for one,  the carrot he had for a nose has fallen of and I need to fashion a new one, maybe play doh?

What do you think Frosty needs more:  a new hat or a new scarf?, do you keep your kids art project forever??

Well this is all for now, have a nice and creative weekend, See you soon….


  1. He is absolutely the most creative and beautiful snowman I have ever seen! Sure, replace the carrot…play dough will work. Paper? I love the hat and scarf. Frosy is perfect just the way he is.


  2. I would suggest a button nose! But he’s perfect already 🙂 I keep the bits from my niece and my godchildren!


  3. Very nice! I like the shape of his body, a little different from the usual. My granddaughter is now being introduce to that shape (Octagon, and Semi Circle) this week. A Button Nose, Twigs Arms, and legs, a nice matching hat with a band, feather, orsome kind of embellishment with a shiny effect I think might work for Mr Snowman. Best, Mtetar


  4. I had a wall in the kitchen over a work top and for many years I used to put my children’s pictures and poems up on the wall, replacing them with new as I ran out of space. I kept some of my favorites and still have them in files. As to Frosty I like him as he is but then I am not really into fashions!


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