Row 38 has been the only row that I have redone like 6 times so far. I was about to take a pic when I noticed a huge mistake, with a heavy heart I had to unravel again. I keep trying to keep a healthy stride and not worry about double checking  my row, only to discover that I am still only human and I need to check and double-check my row.

So,  row 38 will be hopefully ready for tomorrow.  I hope you are up to row 37  and you are just waiting for “bad boy 38”.

As promised last week,  I am working on my grannies and they are a joy to work on because they are well behaved. I have added some work on lil pet too.

My progress is slow but steady, and I am determined to keep up my visits to the gymand while there I multitask sometimes, like doing leg presses and reading blogs at the same time. Are you into multi tasking too??

Well this will be all for now fellow artisans, I hope that you have a productive week. And let us pray that the new storm stays out at sea far from our ship and shore. See you soon… 



  1. Very nice work of art! Thank you for sharing.

    Be Blessed,


    Another one for you, you deserve it. 🙂


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