I am still organizing this blog so that it is easier to navigate. I have added a new page for finished projects. I need to keep tract of all my projects because trust me I can get carried away starting new stuff without finishing old stuff and just concentrating on Lil Pet, which is not fair.

The Big Bag is a project I want to finish before the shopping season starts since that was the whole idea for creating a nice size bag in the first place. I have lots more recycledrings, just need to sit down and joined them into the design. Next I started more granny squaresto have maybe two rows and then I will finish off  with single and double and maybe even trebles.

This is colorful and happy and I expect to somehow  tie in the metallic color of the recycled rings.

I added more rows to the tablecloth and I will post the next 3 to 5 rows for you to have some relaxing crochet to do on the weekend, while we are cruising in the Pacific. More sight-seeing this weekend too, since all work and no play… It’s Not Fun at all.

So stay tuned and Have A Fantastic Day Fellow Artisans!!!


  1. Good luck with the re-organisation!


  2. Good luck with your projects! At the moment I am trying to finish four of my projects, but it’s not easy then your head is full of new once 🙂


  3. i’m very curious about the can-top rings…….:-)


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