Row 32

Row 32: 2 dc cluster – 2 dc cluster (no chain in between) – 6 ch – small fan – 7 ch – 4 dc – 2 ch – 4 dc – 2 ch – 4 dc – 2 ch – 4 dc (basket)  – 7 ch – small fan, 6 ch repeat

Nutshell: 2 dc cluster 2 dc cluster – 6 ch – small fan – 7 ch – basket (4) – 7 ch – small fan – 6 ch repeat



  1. I am following your crochet along in spirit if not in action and today I started reading the pattern for row 32 (mainly because I was fascinated by what I now realise must be row 36).

    However shouldn’t the pattern have an extra ‘ small fan – 6ch -‘ before the word repeat?


    • Hello Jane!! no, I gave instructions for row 32 but you are looking at row 36….row 32 is just above the needle, trust me I have counted these rows 300 times it was driving me insane..from now on i’m going to concentrate on ONLY one row at a time…


    • ..and YES!!! you are right about the small fan then repeat…goodness…I really need to hire you as a pattern writer…off to fix it….


      • I couldn’t work out your patterns just from the pictures but I am good at seeing patterns in things and know the difficulties of trying to write a pattern so I hoped you wouldn’t mind me mentioning about the pattern above. I could go on checking that your written pattern seems to check with the picture if you like.


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