ROWS 8 – 14

I hope you have finished the first 7 rows, and you are ready for another 7 rows, these are all the same stitches but in a bit we will be mixing it up and adding  new stitches and the famous pineapple.

Row 8: 3 dc cluster – 2 ch – 3 dc cluster separated by 3 ch and 5 dc each one separated by 1 ch, in other words: 1 dc – 1 ch – 1 dc – 1 ch, etc.

Row 9: the shells are bigger now,  each one made of 5 dc cluster – 2 ch – 5 dc cluster separated by 3 ch and 6 dc separated by 1 ch.

Row 10: same as row 9  but with 7  dc.

Row 11: changeswe are going to have 13 dc without  the single chain that separated the row below, you will have a dc in the first dc from row 10 then another dc in the space below that was the single chain that separated each dc ( I hope you are not confused, just look at the photo).

Row 12: same as above, except that you are decreasing: you should have 12 dc: instead of starting on the dc in the row below you will be working only in the space between each dc, everything else remains the same.

Row 13: same as above except that we will chain 4 and anchor it (sorry but I cannot explain this step)  in every 2 dc from the row below , please study  photo below you will get it: 

Row 14: same as above except that we are going to have 2 dc cluster in each “wave”?? below, here is a pic

Hope I did not confuse you. If anyone has the name of the “wave”  please let me know, okay? See you soon!!

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