My lil pet is growing,  she is up to 44 inches across.

I added the Puff Stitch to give it a little extra texture, and since I love to use 5 yarn over to make it a nice size puff  you can imagine how rapidly  that stitch eats, it has wiped out a lot of yards of thread and I only have 3 rows to show for it. So my next rows will be swifter, chains all the way and for several rows to gain size with a little effort, and little amount of thread to compensate for the Puff.

You probably do not know but I have tried to use the Bullion/Roll stitch, but this 100% cotton thread is not letting me, if anybody has luck using this thread please let me know, okay??

Well this is all for now. I hope you are having a Crafty and Creative Weekend Fellow Artisans, Ciao!!


  1. Stunning. So, is this a pattern? or your own creation? About the bouillon stitch . . . maybe you need to use a smaller size hook? I have no experience with this stitch, so I know not whereof I speak. lol Patterns I would like to try tho . . .


  2. Wow!


  3. You are a better woman than I – I could never attempt anything so delicate. It’s really beautiful, and who cares if it chows yarn – you will be SO HAPPY with the end result that it won’t matter. 🙂


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