We are having a Labor Day Bash for all of our talented Artisans and Bloggers. We want to have a little party, we deserve it, we are hard workers.

The party will start here at 12:00 noon and end at 2:00 pm ET.

We are having a global party, crafters from all over the world are invited.

This is just to say THANK YOU and to appreciate all the creativity and hard work that goes into the projects, WE  ROCK!!!

I hope we get more sponsors so we can have some more giveaways, so far I have two $15.00 e-gift cards to any retailer the winner chooses, but the more prizes the merrier.

I hope you show up and bring a friend the more the merrier!!!

See You Soon Artisan!!!


Step aside graffiti artists. Yarn bombers take their craft to the streets, stitching cozies for everything from bike racks to entire buses
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