What can I say about Agata Oleksiak? I am at a loss for words.

She is extremely talented and I cannot imagine the hours she has spent creating her unique form of Art.

She was born in Poland but now lives in NYC, it seems she spends 20 hours a day creating her Art, WOW!!!

Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti according to Wikipedia.

File:Eingestrickter Baum.JPG


Please visit Wikipedia for the background of this form of crochet or knitting that is spreading all over the world.

Could this form of Art spread peace around the world? Would you take part in that experiment? I know I would…

It has been an interesting week for me and I hope for you too. The Olympics are here and I will be glued to the TV for a while, which is totally unlike me, but I cannot miss the Games.

Keep working on your projects, but only when the commercials come on, it would be a crime to miss seeing a record broken 🙂

Laugh, Craft and Have A Happy Weekend Artisan!!!


  1. That bull is freaking AWESOME!


  2. Amazing – and such a committed artist! =D


  3. I know, it takes hrs and hrs of nonstop crochet….


  4. Some day….I will have the guts to toss a yarn bomb. Some day….


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