I like the single crochet stitch because it is simple and very versatile. This is my soap cover in the making and I wanted you to look at the different “looks” of the single crochet. I did the front loop single crochet, the back loop single crochet, the traditional single crochet where you enter from front to back and my own stitch where I alternated front loop with back loop, each of these give you a very unique look.


I am going to experiment with other ways of using the single crochet stitch in the coming weeks and I will share it with you. Crochet is a little like math, you can go on forever, creating new looks with the same basic stitches.

In my opinion Crochet is a truly unique form of Art because everyday you can “invent” a new stitch using the same basic stitches. Do you agree with me???


  1. Hey J. G.!!! Right?? yep….. it amazes me all the time…..


  2. Aye! I agree very much.


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