I’m using Red Heart size 18 thread and my trusted  Boye size 5 needle.

The stitch is basic single crochet but with a twist: I alternated front loop with back loop.  It looks nice to me, like a cord clothfront and back

I have never used this technique before but decided I wanted a different look for my soap cover and so I’m claiming it as mine.

I need to find an exotic name to brand it and trademark it and copyright it.

Here is how it looks with more rows. I think it looks stunning ,and my opinion really counts, especially when it comes to this soap cover.

This nylon crochet thread is nice because : 1- it is shiny and 2- it is thick this combination  gives your work a nice shine (well duh!) and it grows very fast which is what I’m aiming for.

I wanted to start a  project that could be completed in just a few days. Hopefully it will be completed by tomorrow, see you soon…


  1. Neat stitch! Are you alternating front loop/back loop by each stitch?


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