In order to keep our sanity I have decided to make some changes to our game plan.

Motifs will made with size 5 thread, the ground  with size 30 and  size 3 for the foundation.

As you are aware by now, I do not know what I’m doing, this will be a process of elimination and learning. Size 70  is not made anymore. Size 80 is available in the tatting department but I don’t think we should go that fine for our first project. We need to set the goal low enough so that we can meet the challenge. The bar will be raised little by little as we gain experience.

There are several ways to achieve this beautiful lace and when speaking about crochet there is no right or wrong ways, I have “discovered patterns” by experimenting with the basic stitches. Anyone who crochet will tell you that as long as you count and repeat a pattern something beautiful will develop.

We will be learning the basics of lace making, but we need to develop our own patterns, we won’t be losing sleep trying to reproduce someone else’s creation, we are Artists and YES we will design our own creation.

Please continue packing and practicing the stitches, the check list will be completed soon. I need to experiment with the different sizes of thread before I finalize the list. Hang around we will develop Modern Lace making….


  1. It looks very pretty to me!


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